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Residency Requirements

Policy Scope

It is important that students who are making plans to attend the University and who are not Nebraska residents are familiar with the effect residency policies may have on their financial preparation for attending the University.

Policy Definitions

Non-residents –

  • All students who did not graduate from a Nebraska high school or who have not lived in Nebraska long enough to determine resident status will automatically be classified as non-residents.
  • An individual who moves to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Nebraska will be considered a non-resident for tuition purposes for the duration of their attendance. Enrolling more than half time (7 semester hours or more) any term at a university, college or community college in Nebraska during the 12 months immediately preceding the term for which residency classification is sought will be considered strong evidence that an individual moved to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Nebraska. The student would therefore be considered a non-resident for tuition purposes for the duration of his or her attendance at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Residency Categories – The following categories are all sections in which a student may be eligible to apply to change their residency status. For more information on the description and documentation needed for each category, please refer to the Academic Records - Nebraska Residency webpage.

A. Legal Age or Emancipated Minor

B. Dependent Minor

C. Legal Age Dependent

D. Married to a Nebraska Resident

E. Asylee, Refugee or Permanent Resident Alien

F. University or State College Staff Member or Dependent/Spouse

G. Active Duty Military, active duty National Guard and/or Dependents

H. Nebraska High School Graduate/Nebraska Dream Act

I. Former University/State College Resident Student

J. Native Americans

K. Recruited or Transferred Employees

L. Nebraska High School Graduate -Veteran

M. Military Veteran or Dependent/Spouse


Applying for Residence

Students who qualify for any of the residency categories should login to complete and submit the University's "Application for Residency Classification for Tuition Purposes". 

The last day to qualify for residency for a semester is the last day of registration (6th day of the semester). All students must register and enroll in classes for the term in which residency in sought. Failure to register for the term for which residency is sought will result in the cancellation of the residency application. Applications determined to be incomplete after the last day to apply will be voided.

A student applying for residence for any semester or term will be required to have established a home in Nebraska at least 12 months immediately preceding the term or semester for which residence status is sought.

To apply for a subsequent semester or term, one must submit a new application and provide appropriate updated support documentation.

Appeal Process

Individuals who believe they have incorrectly been denied residence for tuition purposes may appeal that decision through the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Success; this decision shall be final in any such appeal.

Effective Date:  2022-2023 Academic Year
Revised Date:  8/1/22
Policy Process Applied: Standard
Policy Review Cycle: One-Year
Responsible Administrator: UNMC Academic Records Registrar
Responsible Office:  UNMC Division of Student Success  

Policy Contact: Brooke Glenn, or