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Chair/Dr. Charles E. Enke
Contact Person:  Linda Halsey at 402-552-3931



Cancer is relatively rare in the usual medical practice, although it ranks second as a cause of death. Since most patients with cancer, at some time in the course of their disease, will receive radiation therapy, this elective permits a concentrated exposure to the manifestations of malignant disease. The emphasis will be the evaluation of patients undergoing treatment with the various radiation therapy modalities. An attempt will be made via discussion of particular cases to correlate the roles of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Activity-Hours/Week Rounds-28 Didactic conferences-1 Independent learning-8 Research project-2 Independent patient care-1

Instructor: Dr. Charles Enke

Contact: Linda Halsey at 402-552-3931.

Typically Offered: Each four weeks

Capacity: 1

Visiting Student Information: Visiting Students are not to contact faculty or clinical departments prior to acceptance through VSAS. Doing so is considered a professional breach and may disqualify the student from being offered a rotation.