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The College of Medicine Curriculum Committee supports the value of off-campus electives in various specialties.  Students may take no more than three (3) elective months off-campus during the clinical years.  Each elective must be approved by the appropriate department.  The three months does not include the Family Medicine Preceptorship taken in the junior year of enrollment.  Appropriate off-campus electives are those providing opportunities in areas in which the college cannot accommodate the number of students interested in the courses.  Exploration of a potential residency is another logical reason for an off-campus elective.

International Electives

As part of the paperwork required for international electives, an affiliation agreement must be obtained prior to leaving campus.  The sponsoring department at UNMC must obtain a signed copy of the affiliation agreement and file it with the Vice Chancellor’s Office prior to the last drop/add deadline that precedes the month of the rotation.  Failure to have the document signed will result in no credit for the student. Students need to meet with Sara Pirtle for International approval.

To make certain the educational experience will be productive and to ensure that students have access to the best information available, the procedures outlined below must be followed. 

The student makes formal application to the off-campus institution – either through VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service) or by written application.  Once approved for the off-campus experience, the student must complete the “Application for Off-Campus Elective” form in its entirety.  The student must be in good academic standing as determined by the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.  Section I and Section II of the form must be completed prior to return to the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.  Please supply complete information on the form! As well as a copy of the offer from the institution to be attended.

Upon receipt of the completed off-campus form, the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs will review for approval.  If your elective is canceled for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to notify the department involved.  If your elective is approved, a proper Drop/Add must be processed to reflect this change and for the purpose of receiving academic credit.  A record of the institution providing this opportunity is required to receive credit.

It is the student’s responsibility to alter their schedule to reflect the off-campus elective.  The Drop/Add deadline dates will apply for off-campus electives in the same manner as a change occurs in a UNMC elective.

STUDENTS are allowed a maximum of three months (3 months) off campus during their fourth year.  The following courses listed in the handbook are considered in the total of three months off-campus:

Guidelines for dropping electives are the same for off-campus electives as for those in Omaha, unless the host institution has more stringent requirements.

The status of a UNMC student at the off-campus institution is that of a visiting non-credit student.  Tuition is paid at UNMC and UNMC transcript credit is given by the sponsoring department when, upon completion of the elective, an evaluation of the student’s performance has been received.

It is the responsibility of the STUDENT at UNMC to supply the off-campus institution with an evaluation form for the off-campus elective experience.  Please obtain the proper evaluation form from the sponsoring department at UNMC.  Each department has a specific evaluation form to be used.

Students requesting more than three months off-campus during their senior year must submit that request, IN WRITING, to the Curriculum Committee prior to the start of the senior year.  Requests for more than three months made later than that date (i.e. during the year) will not be approved.  The Committee will not approve additional off-campus time to investigate residencies or for personal or social reasons.

If you have any questions regarding the off-campus elective procedures, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.

Compliance with these guidelines will ensure efficient handling of your requests.  

Off-Campus Electives

Instructions for completing paperwork

Some off-campus institutions have their own off-campus elective application form that you must complete and submit, along with several items.  This varies according to the off-campus institution.

The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs is the person that completes the application form where it indicates “school official, dean, or designee.”  Many items are needed on these application forms and a few are listed below.  It is certified that you are:

  1. A  student in good academic standing
  2. You will be at the fourth year (senior) level when you take the elective
  3. You will pay tuition at this institution while away from campus
  4. You are covered by both liability and health insurance while away from this campus
  5. You will receive academic credit for this experience
  6. You have received HIPAA training and training in blood borne pathogens 
  7. An evaluation of your performance will be required upon completion of the elective 


Many institutions request an official transcript of your medical school performance.  You must order a transcript through MyRecords to be sent directly to Lisa Paquette 

HIPAA Training

If you need to provide certification of HIPAA training and/or any other training, you can access documentation at  You would select the “my requirements” link from the menu.  Click on the printer icon.  A pop up window appears allowing you to print certificates for all completed requirements or you have the option to select specific requirements.  If you have questions or encounter a problem with obtaining proof of your training, please call the Compliance Coordinator on campus (402-559-3929). 

Liability Coverage

Proof of liability coverage is obtained from Amy Lamer in the Risk Management Office.  Please contact Amy by e-mail at  

Health Insurance Coverage

Proof of health insurance coverage is your responsibility.  Many institutions will accept a photocopy of your student health insurance card.  Others may want an official letter from this institution, outlining the coverage.  If this is the case, you must contact Pat Oberlander at (402-559-7276) or by e-mail


Many institutions want proof of immunizations.  This information can be obtained from Tere Batt in Student Health.  Tere can be reached at (402-559-5158) or by e-mail at   

USMLE Step 1

Many institutions want proof that you have successfully completed USMLE Step 1.  The Office of Student Affairs does not have access to your report.  It can be added to your application if a copy is provided to the Office by you. 

Evaluation of Your Performance While at the Off-Campus Institution

In order to receive credit for your performance at the off-campus institution, the institution you attend must be provided with an evaluation form from our College of Medicine that they will complete and return.  Every department has their own evaluation form and you must contact the appropriate department for the form.  Some departments will send the form to the institution; others may want you to take the form with you.  Regardless of how the departments operate – THE EVALUATION FORM IS YOUR RESPONSBILITY.  If the sponsoring department here does not get an evaluation from the off-campus institution, you do not receive a grade and/or credit for the rotation. 

Final Note

Once approved for an off-campus elective, you MUST confirm with Lisa Paquette that you are registered properly for this experience.  If you are NOT registered properly, you will not receive credit for the experience. 

If you have any questions concerning any of the above information and/or the procedures for off-campus electives, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Paquette ( or Sue Pope ( /402-559-4169) in the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs.

Thank you!