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Requirements for Graduation (Class of 2019)

Basic Required Clerkships

Family Medicine Community Preceptorship 8 weeks
Internal Medicine Clerkship 12 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship 6 weeks
Pediatrics Clerkship 8 weeks
Psychiatry Clerkship 6 weeks
Surgery Clerkship 8 weeks
Senior Year is 10 months long (July - April)
7 or 8 months of electives during the senior year
Senior Selective (M4 year) 4 weeks
ICE Senior Seminars (M4 year) 4 weeks

The last page of this handbook is a sample scheduling worksheet.  Copies of worksheets are available from the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs and online at

Elective Scheduling

All electives are pre-arranged with the department coordinators.  After completing the paper schedule, students will enter the pre-arranged choices in OASIS (, the College of Medicine’s online student scheduling system.  Coordinators will then approve or deny registration.  Students will be denied if they did not pre-arrange before entering the elective in OASIS.

Scheduling Timetable

February 2018

The 2018 - 2019 Senior Elective Handbook and 2018 - 2019 Senior Selective Handbook will be available.  Schedule an appointment to meet with your Clinical Curriculum Advisor to work on your scheduling worksheet, which can be found online at as well as in this handbook.

In February you will have an opportunity to request a month (February 2019 or April 2019) for your ICE Senior Seminar through an OASIS lottery.  You will be notified of your ICE month in early March 2018 so you can finish your senior year planning.  (Please refer to the course description for M-ID-710 for details about the course.) Students may begin contacting coordinators by email on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 6 PM to discuss pre-arranging electives.

March 2018

Deadline for submitting first choice options in OASIS
Friday, March 23, 2018

Requests to change your ICE month can only be accommodated on a “space available” basis and must be arranged with Lisa Paquette (  All electives must be approved before entering them into OASIS.   All months of the schedule must be completed in OASIS with a combination of UNMC courses, up to 3 away rotations, and up to 1 month of vacation.  Please select a UNMC elective for any tentative away rotations to guarantee a placement for each month of your senior year.

April 2018

Coordinators will approve or deny requests for electives which should be discussed with coordinators BEFORE being entered into OASIS.  Requests to replace denied options can be entered as they occur. Final decisions are submitted by April 3, 2018 so schedules can be reviewed by the Office of Student Affairs.

May 2018

Tentative schedules are finalized in OASIS.  An email notifying that Drop/Adds can begin will be sent and can then occur UNTIL May 25, 2018.  Check My Records and clear any holds to prepare for registration.

June 2018

Registration will take place.  Your schedule then becomes a computerized record in the Office of Academic Records.  After this occurs, any change to your schedule will require a drop/add during specified weeks.  (Please see detailed drop/add procedures).

Scheduling Details

  • If you are planning a vacation please indicate so by signing up for:
  • OASA_900    Vacation in OASIS

  • Electives may be taken off-campus (out of Nebraska) with prior departmental approval.  The most current information about off-campus electives can be obtained from VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service) –

  • or the visiting school’s website.

  • (Please see off-campus elective procedures).

  • Sign-up for the appropriate departmental away rotation in OASIS for any out-of-state rotations you are planning to take.  These will not be approved until you have been accepted and completed the necessary Application for Off-Campus Elective through the department.

  • ALL hospital assignments for electives are done by the department involved – not the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs. 

  • It is highly advised to have an advisor look over your desired schedule.

  • If you have questions pertaining to scheduling please contact Lisa Paquette (, MSC 4044).

  • Questions specific to electives should be directed to the department’s coordinator.