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UNMC recognizes the importance of supporting new mothers who wish to continue to breastfeed while they are attending school. UNMC acknowledges the health benefits of breastfeeding and believes that UNMC should make private, accessible and comfortable lactation rooms available to its students who want to express milk while on campus and away from their infant.  Please contact Human Resources/Employee Relations at 402.559.5827 with any questions regarding lactation facilities.  

Nebraska Medical Center


  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; Room 48218; Phone: 402-559-4442; contact NICU receptionist to schedule a time; Medela symphony pump available

Clarkson Tower

  • Room: 4811, two stations; Phone: 402-552-3440
  • Room: 08174, two stations; Phone: 402-559-6363; Medela symphony pump available

Lauritzen Outpatient Center

  • Room 3.14.079A, third floor; contact Lindsay Davis to obtain access


  • Room 2092
  • Room 4077
  • Room 3056


Durham Outpatient Center

  •  Mamava lactation suite; located in the lobby, behind the escalators. To unlock Mamava, contact the Information Desk or call Security at 402-559-5111
  •  Olson Center for Women’s Health; fourth floor
    •  Room: 4654; Phone: 402-559-6345; Call to schedule an appointment for the first time; Medela symphony pump available

Durham Research Center I

  • Room: 1007, three stations; Phone: 402-559-3231; call to get card access

Durham Research Center II

  • Room: 004, Level B; Phone: 402-559-3231

Information Technology Services

  • Business Service Center; Room: 2057; Phone: 402-559-7253
    • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Employee or student ID required for admittance

College of Nursing

  • Room: 4064; Phone: 402-559-5414

College of Public Health

  • Room: 3029; Phone: 402-559-4960; Medela symphony pump in room

Wittson Hall

  • Room WH3051; third floor, off main walkway; Medela symphony pump in room (two seat room)
  • Room WH4031; fourth floor, right off the hallway that leads to the skywalk


  • Room 0H346, ground floor, next to EVS Office
  • Room 1J159, level one, ICU/ED admin hallway
  • Room 2E554, level two, outside of Women’s Services next to doctor’s sleep room
  • Room 3G944A, level three, inside staff break room area
  • Room 4B172, level four, inside staff break room area