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Catherine Mello, Director
985200 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE  68198-5200

The   UNMC   Alumni   Relations   Office   (ARO)   manages   events,   communications,   and   financial responsibilities of the UNMC Alumni Association.  The UNMCAA is the umbrella organization for all the UNMC college-specific Alumni Engagement Councils for the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Dentistry, Allied Health Professions and the UNMC Graduate Studies Program. In addition, the ARO provides staff support for the College of Medicine Parents and Family Association and the UNMC Retiree Association. 

 The UNMC Alumni Association recently embarked on the “New Era of Engagement.” The goals in the New Era is to reach and connect with more UNMC alumni.  The main goals of the New Era include:

  • Upon graduation, all alumni are now welcomed into the UNMC Alumni Association with automatic membership. This includes College of Medicine residents and fellows.
  • Increased emphasis on strategic alumni engagement, including new programs, activities and communications that emphasize supporting UNMC and its colleges.
  • Strengthened partnerships and collaboration between the UNMC colleges and the Alumni Councils.
  • Alumni still have the opportunity to support their College and their Alumni Association. The University of Nebraska Foundation has created the “UNMC Fund,” which includes an Innovation Fund for each of six Colleges (Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Professions, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Graduate Studies) to provide student assistance, fund White Coat and professionalism ceremonies, support the people and programs of the Alumni Association, upgrade and enhance technology, and much more.

The UNMC Alumni Association and University of Nebraska Foundation have teamed up with UNMC students to create an online directory of all UNMC alumni available at

The purpose of the UNMCAA Directory Project is to open new doors for inter-professional collaboration, improve career outcomes for UNMC graduates, enhance the sense of UNMC community and inclusion, and help visually highlight the success of alumni.

Students are eligible to request a login and password to the UNMC Alumni Directory by contacting the UNMC Alumni Relations Office.  Once credentials are obtained, users are encouraged to sign in and update their profile of information that will display in the directory.  Users will have the ability to determine how much of the information about themselves will be shared.  However; the more you share the more opportunities that exist for collaboration and networking.

The UNMC Alumni Relations Office also includes student representation on the Alumni Councils.  Interested students may contact to get involved.
For more information about the UNMC Alumni Association, visit