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Academic Year 2018-2019

First Semester

August 14-17 (Tuesday-Friday) Student Orientation Programs
August 17 (Friday) All-College Conference
August 20 (Monday) First Semester Classes & Clinic Begin
September 3 (Monday) Labor Day - University Holiday
September 7 - 8 (Fri-Sat) College of Dentistry Homecoming
October 12 (Friday) Mid-Semester Scholastic Reports Due
November 21-November 25 (Wed-Sun) Student Thanksgiving Recess
November 22-November 25 (Thurs-Sun) University Holidays
December 7 (Friday) Last Day of 1st Semester Classes
December 11 (Tuesday) Last Day of 1st Semester Clinic
December 10-14 (Mon-Fri) First Semester Exams
December 14 (Friday) Last Day of First Semester
December 15 (Saturday) UN-L Commencement
December 25 (Mon) -January 1 (Tue) University Holidays

Second Semester

January 2 (Wednesday) First Day of Second Semester Clinic
January 4 (Friday) Weeth Lecture
January 7 (Monday) Second Semester Classes Begin
January 21 (Monday) Martin Luther King Day (College Closed)
February 22 (Friday) Student Scientific Program
March 8 (Friday) Mid-Semester Scholastic Reports Due
March 16-24 (Sat-Sun) Student Spring Vacation
April 19 (Friday) Professionals' Day
April 26 - 28 (Friday-Sunday) Dental Hygiene CRDTS Regional Board Exam
April 26 (Friday) Last Day of 2nd Semester Classes
April 30 (Tuesday) Last Day of 2nd Semester Clinic
April 29-May 3 (Mon-Fri) Second Semester Exams
May 2 (Thursday) UNMC College of Dentistry Commencement
May 3 (Friday) Last Day of Second Semester
May 4 (Saturday) UNMC Commencement/Omaha
May 4 (Saturday) UN-L Commencement/Lincoln

Summer Session 2019

May 13 (Monday) First Day of Summer Classes and Clinic
May 27 (Monday) Memorial Day Holiday
July 1 (Monday) Post Graduate Orientation
July 4 (Thursday) Independence Day Holiday
July 5 (Friday) Last Day of Summer Classes & Clinic D-1 & DH3 Students
August 16 (Friday) Last Day of Summer Classes & Clinic D2 & D-3 Students