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Aging Interprofessional Group
The AIG recognizes a growing need for geriatric knowledge across medical care settings.  We aim to promote interdisciplinary healthcare and elevate awareness of geriatric needs and issues that are unique to this population.  We also work to provide students of all disciplines with opportunities to interact with geriatric patients and to practice clinical skills as they relate to this population.  Activities in past years have included: Guest speakers on geriatric topics; death and dying issues; Clinical Skills Lab; Health Fair; and an end of the year party.

Alpha Omega Alpha, Alpha of Nebraska
To be “Worthy to serve the suffering”
Alpha Omega Alpha, “AOA,” is a non-secret national honor medical society in which membership is based upon scholarship and moral qualities.  The University of Nebraska College of Medicine Chapter was organized November 2, 1914, and has grown to more than 800 members.

The aim of the society is to recognize qualities of scholastic excellence, integrity, leadership, compassion and fairness. Nominations are limited to College of Medicine students who rank scholastically in the upper one-fourth of their class, but the number of new members may not exceed one-sixth of the class.  Elections are held in the fall, with initiation in the spring.

As a major campus organization, AOA sponsors at least one annual convocation by a prominent visiting lecturer and participates in various other programs.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Over half of the students enrolled in the College of Medicine belong to the Nebraska Chapter of the American Medical Student Association.  AMSA addresses itself to the special needs of medical students and to the general goal of improving health care in the United States.

AMSA provides the student with an excellent opportunity to broaden the scope of his/her medical education. The organization provides members with group health and life insurance options as well as its informative publication, The New Physician.  The MECO (Medical Education and Community Orientation) project is a nation-wide service sponsored by AMSA which places pre-clinical medical students with physicians and hospitals in communities throughout the state.  There is a one-time membership fee of $60.00.

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is a national forum for women physicians and medical students.  The UNMC student chapter’s role is to bring together medical students and physicians, to promote their training and education, and to encourage women to practice and study medicine.  Activities include peer support sessions, guest speakers, discussion groups, social gatherings and educational outreach programs.

Cardiovascular Interest Group
The Cardiovascular Interest Group is to further the knowledge and interest of cardiovascular science for students; to encourage student participation of both clinical and research applications of Cardiovascular Science.  This will be done primarily via meetings in which cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and residents participate in discussions and provide information concerning current issues.

The Catholic Medical Association Student Section (CMA-SS)
The Catholic Medical Association Student Section seeks to support and empower students of medicine and other health professions in their formation as Catholic health care providers.  As an integral part of the Catholic Medical Association, students have the opportunity to work with members of the CMA, both on local and national levels, who can provide guidance and mentoring for students through the challenges of being a Catholic and living out this calling.

Community Home Elder Safety Solutions (CHESS)
The Community Home Elder Safety Solutions group (CHESS) is an inter-professional organization at the University of Nebraska Medical Center focusing on the well-being of older adults. CHESS members strive to improve the quality of life of elders in the UNMC community by enhancing their autonomy and decreasing their risk of accidents in the home.  Students from all Colleges at UNMC are eligible to participate, including: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health.

CHESS activities will provide students and faculty a unique volunteer experience unlike any currently offered.  Our partnership with the Eastern Nebraska Office of Aging will allow volunteers to participate in a hands-on approach to community service.  Activities include:

  • Targeted safety inspections with emphasis on preventing in home falls and accidents.
  • Risk analysis and solution planning.
  • Minor Home safety repairs and modifications.

Dermatology Interest Group (DIGA)
The purpose of the Dermatology Interest Group is to educate medical students about the field of dermatology.  The goals of the group are to expose medical students to the field, to help students make connections with faculty members in the department, and to raise awareness of dermatologic issues.  This group is not limited to students interested in dermatology; we encourage all students to attend meetings in order to learn how this specialty applies to every field of medicine.  In addition, this group will help students get involved in dermatologic research and partner with students on improving their residency applications.

Endocrinology Student Interest Group (ESIG)
The purpose of the Endocrinology Student Interest Group is to expose students to the field of endocrinology through research, shadowing, case studies, and volunteer opportunities.

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)
Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) is the UNMC student branch of the American Academy of Family Physicians, an organization which offers membership to medical students and residents interested in family practice.  UNMC FMIG hosts monthly lunch meetings to highlight the broad spectrum of practice opportunities offered by a career in family medicine, in addition to organizing skills nights and community philanthropy events.

The Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS)
The Gold Humanism Honor Society's goal is to create the Gold Standard in healthcare – compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care – to support clinicians throughout their careers, so the humanistic passion that motivates them at the beginning of their education is sustained throughout their practice. We strive to ensure that care and respect always govern the relationship between practitioner and patient.

Infectious Disease Interest Group
This organization is designed to foster an academic environment where students can communicate with providers and learn about the department and sub-specialties of Infectious Disease; encourage and facilitate discussions on the topic of Infectious Disease in the community, nationally, and globally as it relates to medicine and healthcare; provide, in conjunction with other campus organizations, an avenue for community volunteer and involvement as it relates to Infectious Disease.

Integrative Medicine Interest Group
The purpose of the Integrative Medicine Interest Group is to explore lifestyle changes as an avenue for health and healing. The group seeks to promote awareness and understanding of nutrition and exercise in the treatment of chronic disease.

Internal Medicine Interest Group
This organization is designed to inform medical students about career opportunities in the field of Internal Medicine, including the many subspecialty options that currently exist.  Students are invited to attend monthly lunch meetings with guest speakers from the various specialty areas.  The residency selection process may also be discussed.

Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)
The Latino Medical Student Association is a national organization dedicated to uniting and empowering medical students through service, mentorship, and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community.  Our Nebraska chapter aims to equip health students of all backgrounds with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide culturally-competent care to the Latino patients, as well as to work jointly for the benefit of the Latino community in Nebraska and beyond.

Luikart Society
Luikart Society is designed for medical students and residents who are interested in the field of OB-GYN, as well as women's health.  Opportunities include monthly meetings, local community service projects, and attending regional/national conferences.  Meetings include procedure nights, speakers, and preparing for the residency process.  Combined meetings and community service projects are held with the Creighton Medical School interest group as well.  The Luikart Society is a wonderful chance to connect with fellow students, as well as UNMC residents and faculty to help further one’s interest in the field, in order to possibly decide on a future in women's health.

Neuroscience Student Interest Group
The Neuroscience Student Interest Group is an organization designed for anyone and everyone who has an appreciation for the nervous system and brain.  We host various lunch meetings throughout the school year.  Topics range from advances in neuroscience research, lectures and cases regarding neuroscience-related medical fields, and having faculty members come in to discuss the numerous career possibilities: neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and so many more.  Students should expect to leave our group with more information than they came in with, as well as feeling more prepared to tackle med school and the eventual residency application process in general.

Oncology Interest Group
The Oncology Interest Group seeks to expose students to the fields of Medical, Radiation, Surgical, and Pediatric Oncology.  Students are invited to attend monthly lunch meetings covering all aspects of oncology, including discussions on research as well as residency and fellowship applications.  The group also engages in community service activities, as well as tours of the Fred and Pamela Buffet Cancer Center.

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR)
The OSR, established by action of the Assembly of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), provides a mechanism for making student opinion known to the AAMC.  Students have two votes on the AAMC Executive Council and are recommended to Standing Committees.  An elected representative from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine attends the AAMC Annual Meeting and the annual regional meeting of the Group on Student Affairs.

Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG)
The Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group (OSIG) provides an outlet for students to be introduced to, shadow in, and explore research opportunities in the field of Orthopedics.  Our close relationships with faculty and residents provide unique mentoring opportunities to allow you to fulfill your aspirations of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon.

The Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Interest League (TOHNSIL)
The Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Interest League (TOHNSIL) is committed to exposing students to the Otolaryngology specialty.  TOHNSIL promotes learning through hands-on experiences, informational talks about Otolaryngology, and advice from senior medical students and Otolaryngology residents.

The Pathology Interest Group
The Pathology Interest Group hosts meetings and lectures about all aspects of the practice of pathology.  Previous topics have included the clinical diagnosis of indolent disease, forensic science, and laboratory-based methodologies of characterization and diagnosis of cancer, and procedure practices are hosted as well.  Additionally, we help administer the High School Alliance anatomy and basic science courses.  Pathology residents and practicing physicians give the lectures and regularly attend meetings.

Pediatric Interest Group (PIG)
The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) is designed to foster an academic environment where students can communicate with providers and learn about the Department of Pediatrics and the sub-specialties therein.  This organization also offers many opportunities to volunteer in the community of pediatrics.  One of the opportunities is House Calls for Kids, where medical students go to schools and teach children about the physicians.  Another opportunity is volunteering directly at Children’s Hospital, playing games and other activities with the children.  This group offers information about life as a pediatrician and many volunteer opportunities to work with children.

Phi Chi
Phi Chi Medical Fraternity is the oldest and largest medical fraternity in the nation.  Chartered November 6, 1916, Upsilon Nu chapter at UNMC has a rich professional and social tradition.  The official objectives of Phi Chi are the promotion of the art and science of medicine and the development of a kindred feeling among those in the profession.  The chapter house, located at 3708 Dewey, is the old and elegant Metz mansion and will house 30 members comfortably.  Membership is open to all medical students at UNMC and out-of-house membership is encouraged and rewarding.  Phi Chi will consider requests of other UNMC organizations to use the house for special functions.

Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society
Phi Rho Sigma Medical Society is an international coeducational social fraternity for medical students.  We are a community of alumni and students committed to academic excellence, community service, and strong social bonds.  The Iota chapter at UNMC is one of the largest chapters in the entire nation.  There is no chapter house to upkeep so all member proceeds go towards the social and philanthropic functions of the medical society.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Student Interest Group
The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Student Interest Group is an organization designed to introduce medical students to the field of Physiatry.  The group promotes interest in the field through various speakers, shadowing opportunities, and biannual tours of the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital-Omaha Campus.  Students will be exposed to the various aspects of specialties involved in PM&R and have interactions with various physicians in the field.

Plastic Surgery Interest Group
The Plastic Surgery Interest Group seeks to promote interest in the field of plastic surgery and to increase education related to plastic surgery.  For those students interested in plastic surgery, effort is made to make students competitive applicants for residency.  This is done by establishing working relationships with plastic surgery faculty, increasing student surgical exposure, and promoting research and publications.  The plastic surgery interest group also strives to promote camaraderie among the students involved in the group.

Primary Care Progress (PCP)
Primary Care Progress is a chapter of the national nonprofit comprised of a network of medical providers, health professional trainees, policy pundits, advocates, and educators united by a new vision for revitalizing the primary care workforce pipeline through interprofessional collaboration and strategic local advocacy that promotes primary care and transforms care delivery and training in academic settings.  UNMC's chapter is special because it is truly interprofessional, with student leaders from multiple sectors of the healthcare field.

Psychiatry Club
The purpose of this organization is to:

  1. Establish and maintain a multi-disciplinary support group
  2. Act as a vehicle for exploring career opportunities in the field of psychiatry
  3. Obtain and make available reference materials for medical students and future psychiatry residents
  4. Provide additional opportunities in exploring psychiatry other than those offered in the medical school curriculum

Psychiatry Interest Group
Psychiatry Interest Group (PsIG) is an organization for students interested in the field of psychiatry and behavioral health.  The organization holds monthly lunch meetings that feature speakers on various topics relating to psychiatry, mental health, and substance use disorders.  The group helps students explore career opportunities and encourages student-behavioral health professional-faculty relationships by hosting an annual mentorship dinner with students and professionals from counseling, nursing, physician assistant, psychology, psychiatry, and social work.  PsIG members receive information related to local and national scholarships and programs.  The group also provides supplemental opportunities for psychiatric clinical care through its collaboration with the SHARING Clinic to have psychiatry available at the Clinic one week per month.

Reproductive Health Advocates
The purpose of Reproductive Health Advocates' is to fill a gap in medical education about women's reproductive rights, as well as full and safe access to sex education, birth control, and abortion. Our main goal is to enable all types of medical professionals to counsel patients without bias regarding their options for their reproductive health. This is an interprofessional group which holds lunch meetings, skills nights and discussions.

Residency Roundtable
Residency Roundtable is an organization that aims to introduce and inform medical students about career opportunities in a variety of medical specialties.  This group hosts monthly lunch meetings with residents from a variety of fields, especially those that do not have interest groups of their own.  Residents discuss their path toward choosing a specialty and their experience as a current resident at UNMC.

Shadow a Medical Student Program
The Shadow a Medical Student Program, started in 2011, gives approximately 50 undergraduate students around the state of Nebraska the opportunity to shadow first-year medical students at UNMC.  Undergraduate students are paired with a medical student for the academic year, and shadow during lectures, anatomy labs, PBL small groups, and ICE sessions.  This program is designed to give undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain a first-hand experience of what medical school is like and to ask questions to obtain more detailed information.
The UNMC SHARING clinics are an interdisciplinary organization striving to enhance the well-being of the greater Omaha community by providing high-quality, low-cost healthcare and human services to those in need. The clinics are staffed and run entirely by students and provide a unique opportunity to collaborate with students from other disciplines while being primary providers to real patients. SHARING has opportunities for clinic volunteers weekly and student board positions yearly. The SHARING organization oversees four clinics in the Omaha area: SHARING (general medical), RESPECT (sexual health), GOODLIFE (diabetes), & VISION.

Sports Medicine Interest Group
The purpose of the group is to raise awareness of Sports Medicine as a career field through meetings, speakers, and shadowing.

Student Alliance for Rural Health
The Student Alliance for Rural Health (SARH) is a group that emphasizes the need for medical personnel of all disciplines in rural communities and what practicing in rural areas is like.  The group utilizes free luncheons that host speakers which includes talks on loan repayment, hospital recruiters, rural medical providers, and farm equipment safety.  SARH gives the students who are interested in rural health or would like to learn more about rural health the opportunity to see what practicing medicine in a rural community can be.

Student Chapter of the Nebraska Medical Association
The student chapter of the Nebraska Medical Association was organized during the 1971-72 academic year. In addition to providing students with engaging lunch meetings centered on health policy and advocacy workshops, students are eligible to serve on state-wide committees and to participate in various aspects of organized medicine in Nebraska. In addition, members are able to elect two voting delegates to the semi-annual business sessions of the Association.

Student Delegates
Student Delegates is a grassroots advocacy organization open to all students at UNMC. The purpose of this group is to both educate students about the political process and to be actively engaged in health policy advocacy. In Student Delegates, we learn from experts about health policy, track state and federal legislation affecting health care, and voice our opinions to our elected officials through letter-writing campaigns and discussions with Nebraska legislators at the state capitol.

Student Interest Group for Neurology (SIGN)
SIGN is a group aimed at providing information about careers in neurology and related fields, research opportunities at UNMC, and the process of applying to neurology residencies.  Meetings include panels from physicians across different neurology subspecialties, presentations from the department chair, joint meetings with other interest groups to illustrate the broad reach of neurology, and presentations about ongoing research within the department.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Patterned after the national organization, the UNMC Chapter of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is dedicated to the concerns of ethnic minority health care professionals.  It seeks to nurture a general social awareness of these concerns and to develop leadership capabilities and standards of excellence for minority physicians.  During the past few years, UNMC members of SNMA have had a strong voice in SNMA policy-making by attending national and regional meetings and hosting the 1989 Region II Convention.  The UNMC chapter has shown its commitment to community service by involvement in such programs as the Health Fair of the Midlands, American Red Cross and Omaha Boys Club. Membership in this organization is open to any student interested in issues confronting ethnic minorities in the medical profession.

Surgery Interest Group
SIG is an organization designed for medical students interested in practicing surgery and wanting to learn a wide variety of surgical practices and professions.  Medical students involved with SIG are invited to attend lunch meetings one to two times per month, which showcase presentations from a practicing surgeon.  Each meeting has a different surgeon presenting to the members of SIG, thus exposing medical students to the many different surgical subspecialties including: cardiac thoracic, orthopedic, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery, and more.  Some presentations are strategically planned to correlate with what students are learning in class at the time of the SIG meeting, thus giving students a real- life application to helping patients in a surgical manner.   SIG provides this fantastic opportunity to give insight to many different surgical practices and also helps students interested in surgery become prepared for summer rural surgical rotation.  SIG hosts a suturing workshop to teach medical students to become experts in the art of suturing so they are fully prepared for their surgery summer block.  Lunch meetings are also designated to educate medical students on preparing to be the best applicants possible when applying for residency.

UNMC Musical Society
UNMC Musical Society is open to anyone affiliated with UNMC, which includes students, faculty, and staff.  Our purpose is to provide members with an opportunity to take a break from their stressful lives and make some music, as well as to provide music for UNMC events.  The organization includes an instrumental, as well as a vocal group, both of which meet Monday evenings for rehearsal.  We have performed at multiple UNMC events, including Spirit Week, Culture Fest, and the Anatomical Gift Memorial Service, and we also hold concerts in the winter and the spring.  Membership requires an annual payment of $10.00, which goes toward the purchase of music and other necessities.

Wilderness Medical Society
The purpose of this organization is to offer medical students and faculty information about the practice of Wilderness Medicine, which is a subspecialty of Emergency Medicine.  Monthly meetings include guest lectures, slide shows, and video presentations.