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Elective Scheduling

ALL electives are pre-arranged with the department coordinators.  After completing the paper schedule, students will enter the pre-arranged choices in OASIS (, the College of Medicine’s online student scheduling system.  Coordinators will then approve or deny registration.  Elective choices will be denied if they were not pre-arrange before entering the elective in OASIS.

Scheduling Details

  • If you are planning an unstructured month please indicate so by signing up for:
  • OASA_900   Unstructured Month in OASIS
  • Electives may be taken off-campus (out of Nebraska) with prior departmental approval.  The most current information about off-campus electives can be obtained from VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service) – or the visiting school’s website.

(Please see off-campus elective procedures).

  • Sign-up for the appropriate departmental away rotation in OASIS for any out-of-state rotations you are planning to take.  These will not be approved until you have been accepted and completed the necessary Application for Off-Campus Elective through the department.
  • It is highly advised to have an advisor look over your desired schedule.
  • If you have questions pertaining to scheduling please contact Lisa Paquette (, MSC 4044).
  • Questions specific to electives should be directed to the department’s coordinator.