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Electives in Omaha

Students doing an elective in Omaha should consult the roster of electives and the descriptions provided in this handbook.  The elective director may be consulted for specific information about the program.

Drop/Add Procedures

Once registration takes place (through the Office of Academic Records), the elective schedule becomes a registration record and the drop/add procedures must be followed to make changes. 

After registration, notice of TWO WEEKS is required to change elective selections.  Students should understand that elective directors must develop rotation schedules well in advance of the start of the clerkship/elective and, therefore, failing grades may be recorded for students who drop an elective selection less than two weeks from initiation.

Drop/Add occurs monthly and you will be informed of the dates available to work with department coordinators in making changes to the schedule. First check with the department for which an elective is to be added.  If space is available and approved, contact the department coordinator for the currently scheduled course in that time slot and request a drop.  Finally, place the add request in OASIS for final approval from the new course’s department coordinator.

You will only be allowed to utilize 3 drop/add weeks to make changes to your schedule during the academic year.  Please plan accordingly.