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Chair: Samuel Bierner, M.D.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator: Jenna Corsey



Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR or physiatry) is a medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of functional impairments involving the neurological and musculoskeletal systems. PMR encompasses the treatment of children and adults, and offers several subspecialty areas of concentration - pediatric rehab, spinal cord injury, brain injury medicine, neuromuscular disease, sports medicine, pain medicine and palliative care. The clinical elective in PMR is designed to expose students to the principles of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and it includes inpatient and outpatient rotations. Inpatient rotations will include care of adults and children with major disabling illness or injury, and outpatient rotations will show such areas of interest as spasticity management, electrodiagnosis (EMG and nerve conductin study) and its application to outpatient diagnosis of disorders of the nerve or nerve root; and musculoskeletal diagnostic assessment and treatment of common painful disorders. Regular reading, student presentation at monthly journal club or other teaching conference, and satisfactory performance on an end-rotation written test of knowledge are mandatory components of the rotation. 1. Determine how to make appropriate patient referrals based on knowledge of PMR 2. Apply the evaluation of function as it relates to health and disease states. 3. Demonstrate ability to perform a neuromusculoskeletal physical examination as part of the assessment of function. 4. Discuss how PMR physicians work as leaders of a team of rehabilitation professionals to assist patients in regaining function and returning to community. 5. Describe the roles of physical and occupational therapy, speech and swallowing evaluations and role of neuropsychologists in comprehensive patient evaluation and treatment. Typically Offered: Each four weeks.

Instructor: Drs. Bierner, Kafka, Patil, Anderson, Tran, Krabbenhoft, LaHolt, and Weaver.

Contact: Travis Weyant;;402-559-3964; HIC 3003 zip (6155).

Capacity: 2.

Visiting Student Information: Visiting Students are not to contact faculty or clinical departments prior to acceptance through VSAS. Doing so is considered a professional breach and may disqualify the student from being offered a rotation.