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Chair: Dr. Dwight T. Jones
Program Director: Dr. Christie Barnes
Assistant Program Director: Dr. Elizabeth Bradford Bell

Medical Student Education Director: Dr. Katie Geelan-Hansen

Educational Program Coordinator: Brynn Lane:

University Tower 3102

The Otolaryngology elective allows students to become more acquainted with the scope of this specialty practice.  Otolaryngology problems are very common in a general medical practice, this can range from ear infections to head and neck cancers. It is hoped that the time spent in this department will teach you a systematic approach to the office and surgical management of ENT problems.

Your responsibility while on the elective will be to help deliver patient care, as this is how you will learn. This can come in many forms and the residents will guide you. We expect you to participate in rounds, in clinics and in the operating room, each day will be different. We also ask that you participate in hospital consults and emergency department consults. 

You are expected to be present for both morning and evening rounds, as well as all scheduled departmental teaching conferences.  The latter deals with basic medicine, anatomy and physiology related to the head and neck area. Adequate time for reading is available and it is suggested that you utilize this for directed reading on a specific topic or on a patient case.

Patient care and responsibility during the elective will depend upon the available material, as well as your interest and initiative.  Your primary responsibility is clinical but as surgical cases are assigned you will be expected to follow the patient, including observation in the operating room. Pediatric otolaryngology experience is also available at Children’s Hospital and can be arranged for those interested. Your experience will include both inpatient and outpatient exposure.



The student is closely involved with all facets of Otolaryngology. Evaluations of patients, diagnostic considerations and management approaches are emphasized. The student will participate in all the activities of the department, including all clinical responsibilities, operations, and formal teaching conferences. Activity-Hours/Week. Rounds-5. Didactic conferences-3. Independent learning-5. Research project-0. Independent patient care-5. Surgery-10 to 20.

Contact: Please contact Brynn Lane: at least 1 week prior to the start of the rotation.

Typically Offered: Each four weeks.

Capacity: 4. Location: University Hospital.

Visiting Student Information: Visiting Students are not to contact faculty or clinical departments prior to acceptance through VSLO. Doing so is considered a professional breach and may disqualify the student from being offered a rotation.



The student may choose to spend elective time in Otolaryngology off-campus. Opportunities both within Nebraska as well as other departments should be discussed and arranged with the approval of the Otolaryngology staff. An Off-Campus Elective Application form must be submitted for this experience. (See Off-Campus Elective Application procedures.)

Prerequisite:  Off-Campus Approval form completed.

Typically Offered: Each four weeks by Arrangement.

Capacity: Variable. Location: Variable.

Visiting Student Information: This course is NOT available to visiting students.



Prerequisite:  Pre-arranged with Kristy Carlson, PhD.

Contact: Dr. Kristy Carlson (

Typically Offered: Each four weeks by arrangement.

Capacity: Variable.

Visiting Student Information: This course is NOT available to visiting students.