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The Office of Admissions and Student Affairs, in conjunction with the Student Evaluation Committee, has formulated an advising system as described below:

The philosophy of the advising system:

As adults in a professional school, medical students bear the primary responsibility for their success or failure.  The College of Medicine recognizes, however, that students may need the assistance provided by an advising system.  There are several goals of the advising system:

  • To provide students with a faculty member who is familiar with the students’ abilities, which can serve as a confidant and advocate for the student. 
  • To better inform the student of opportunities that may enhance their medical school education. 
  • To assist the student in understanding the guidelines for promotion set by the College of Medicine. 
  • To inform the student of campus support services that might aid them in times of their academic or personal difficulty. 
  • To assist the student in the design of senior electives that support their residency choice. 

By March of the third year, students should select a clinical curriculum advisor from the clinical faculty.  This could be the same advisor who served in years one and two, if this individual was a clinician.  It is anticipated that the advisor selected during the junior year would, for many students, represent an individual in the field of the students’ residency training interest.  The student would meet with an advisor to plan the M4 year.  Students have the liberty of changing advisors according to their career interests.  The advisor will discuss senior elective choices and help with career planning.

Residency Career Advisor

These are the primary residency advisors for each department.  They are available to students thinking of entering that field.  These advisors are knowledgeable about residency programs and strategies for application in that field.  Students are permitted to change advisors should their area of interest change or should they find that the original advisor is not meeting their needs