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The MCAT and a minimum of 90 semester hours (three years of college work) from an accredited liberal arts and science college are required.

To provide an opportunity for in-depth study, the completion of a college major or baccalaureate degree is strongly recommended. The undergraduate program must include the following course work with appropriate laboratory experiences:

  • Biology (with lab) 8-10 semester hours1
    Two semesters of general biology or physiology meet this requirement.
  • General Chemistry (with lab) 8-10 semester hours1
    This requirement should include a two semester complete course in general or inorganic chemistry.
  • Organic Chemistry (with lab) 8-10 semester hours
    This requirement should include a two semester complete course in organic chemistry.
  • Physics (with lab) 8-10 semester hours
    This requirement should include a two semester complete course in physics.
  • Humanities and/or Social Sciences 12-16 semester hours
    Courses in the following may be used to fill this requirement: art, dramatic arts/theater, literature, English, music, foreign language, sociology, anthropology, psychology, child development, journalism, economics, geography, geology, speech, communications, history, government, political science, philosophy, religion, women's studies, and any ethnic studies courses.
  • Calculus or Statistics 3 semester hours
    A one semester course in introductory calculus OR statistics will meet this requirement.
  • English Composition minimum of 3 semester hours
    Students are required to have at least one semester of English composition or a comparable writing course. Students may not substitute a placement examination in lieu of this requirement.
  • Biochemistry 3 semester hours
    Students must have a comprehensive course in Biochemistry to include metabolism.  For schools that cover metabolism in the second semester of Biochemistry, then the requirement will be met with both semesters of Biochemistry, regardless of credit hours.
  • Genetics 3 semester hours
  • Pass-fail courses, CLEP and AP course credits will not be accepted towards your entrance requirements.

Or equivalent

Courses in molecular biology, immunology and microbiology, though not required, are helpful in preparing for the basic science curriculum of medical school. Interpersonal communications, ethics, and personnel management are also good preparatory courses.

Graduate Students are strongly encouraged to complete the degree program (master's or doctorate) before considering making an application.  At the very least, it should be clear that the degree program will be completed before matriculation.

Consideration of foreign student applications is limited to those with a permanent resident visa.