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Colleges will individually decide if they wish to maintain mailboxes for their students. If a college elects to maintain mailboxes for its students it is responsible for the management of the mailbox addresses and locker combinations. Approved student organizations may request a mailbox assignment from an appropriate college.


  1. Student mailboxes are assigned a physical mailbox by college staff as per college procedure.
    College staff are responsible for maintaining an accurate campus address in MyRecords if they wish student mailbox addresses to be available to those outside their college.
  2. All UNMC mail to students is to be distributed through the college in which the student is enrolled. Mail addressed to a student (including campus and U.S. mail) shall be placed in the assigned box by the campus Mail Service if a mailbox is available. Mail for students in colleges not using student mailboxes will be delivered to the appropriate Dean’s office.
  3. UNMC campus students withdrawing or graduating from UNMC must notify mail services of their forwarding address, see contact information below. Similarly, students who will be away from the campus for clerkships should notify mail services so mail may be forwarded.
  4. Mailbox location varies by college/program/location.
    1. The mailboxes for the Colleges of Medicine, the physician assistant program, and the physical therapy program are located on level three of the Sorrell Education Center.
    2. The College of Pharmacy maintains boxes for their students. The mailboxes are located on level one in the commons area of the College of Pharmacy.
    3. Student mail for the Omaha Division of the College of Nursing is delivered to ZIP code 5330. When a student receives mail the College of Nursing will email the student and advise him/her to pick up his/her mail in the College of Nursing in room 4048 within ten days.
    4. The College of Dentistry maintains a general mailbox system for each year’s class. The president of each class ensures that each student enrolled receives his/her mail.
  5. The following address formats are recommended for the sending of mail through the student mailbox system for those colleges using a campus mailbox:
UNMC Campus Students College of Dentistry Students
Name Name, Class
Student Mail Box #XXX, (Building) College of Dentistry
University of Nebraska Medical Center East Campus, 40th & Holdrege Sts.
987020 Nebraska Medical Center University of Nebraska-Lincoln 68583
Omaha, Nebraska 68198-7020  
Lincoln Division Nursing Students West Nebraska Division Nursing Students
Name Name
College of Nursing c/o College of Nursing
1230 O St Ste 131 4502 Ave I
Lincoln NE 68588-0220

Scottsbluff NE 69361-4939

Kearney Division Nursing Students Northern Division Nursing Students
Name Name
c/o College of Nursing c/o College of Nursing
2402 University Drive 801 E Benjamin Ave
Kearney NE 68849-4510

Norfolk NE 68701

Kearney – College of Allied Health Professions Students
c/o College of Nursing
2402 University Drive

Kearney NE 68849-4510

Policy Adopted: July, 2013
Policy Revised: March, 2016
Responsible Reviewer: College Student Services Directors
Date Reviewed by University General Counsel: December, 2015
Approved by: Education Council
Reviewed: Every five years