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Welcome to the UNMC College of Public Health, a community of students, faculty, staff, and partners dedicated to fostering innovative solutions to improve our nation’s health. At the UNMC College of Public Health, we are putting knowledge into practice and implementing a new era of public health grounded in social justice, community engagement, innovative public health practices, and public health policies that support community health efforts.

The College’s work as a vital partner of a broad and integrated academic medical center, in conjunction with our State and local health departments and our corporate and community partners, has helped make Nebraska one of the healthiest states in the nation (ranked 11th by United Health Foundation, America's Health Rankings). But we can, and will, do even better. Although we have made great strides to improve the health of Nebraskans, UNMC is committed to making Nebraska the healthiest state in the nation. This challenge makes for an unparalleled learning environment for our students and faculty.

Public health is confronted by unprecedented societal and global health challenges affecting billions, including climate change, globalization, increasing chronic and communicable diseases, and new health system(s).

While the challenges are great, the UNMC College of Public Health is capitalizing on the breadth of talents, innovative ideas, and resources of our vast network of students, faculty, and partners to create groundbreaking models for health promotion, disease prevention, and public health policies that support community health efforts for Nebraska, the United States, and the world.

For those committed to creating a culture of health, UNMC’s College of Public Health provides countless opportunities to improve the health of populations in placements with local health departments, insurers, health care systems, community organizations and more. These experiences are specifically designed to prepare our alumni for the public health of the future and to give them a competitive edge in the global market.

Ali S. Khan, MD, MPH
Retired Assistant Surgeon General (USPHS)
Dean, College of Public Health
University of Nebraska Medical Center


The Mission of the College of Public Health is to promote optimal health and well-being through robust education, research, and service in collaboration with communities in Nebraska, across the country, and around the world.


The UNMC College of Public Health will be a place of innovation, growth and excellence, to foster sustainably healthy populations and environments.


As members of the College of Public Health, we:

  • Honor intellectually and scientifically innovative scholarship
  • Promote collaboration across disciplines and across communities
  • Share readily our knowledge and skills
  • Encourage life-long and experiential learning in teaching, practice, and research
  • Recognize sustainability as an essential element of sound public health practice
  • Embrace diversity in ideas, disciplines, convictions and people
  • Champion equity and social justice
  • Commit to integrity and ethical behaviors