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All graduate credits to be counted toward the satisfaction of requirements for the MPH and the Certificate programs—including all credits transferred from other programs of the University of Nebraska and/or other institutions of higher education—must be approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.  Grades received in courses for transfer of credit must be the equivalent of "B" (3.00) or higher on the University of Nebraska grade scale.

Up to one-half of the total credit hours may be accepted from another accredited institution when the transfer is supported by the student's advisor and approved by the Curriculum Committee. Any courses taken prior to program admission, including UNMC College of Public Health courses, will be considered as a transfer of credit. No more than 6 credit hours that have been applied to a previously earned degree will be accepted towards transfer of credit. No more than one-half of the total academic credits required for the completion of the program may be accepted as transfer credit. 

Students wishing to transfer credit must submit official transcripts of graduate-level work taken elsewhere and course syllabi to the Office of Educational Services for review by the Curriculum Committee no later than one semester before the student intends to graduate.  It is recommended that this be done at the time of application/admission to the program so that students are fully aware of their complete plan of study. Transfer of graduate credits from a course taken with a pass/fail option must be recommended by the Curriculum Committee, supported by a written evaluation from the instructor, and approved by the Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.

Transfer of credit for courses taken 5 or more years prior to the time of admission will be evaluated by the Curriculum Committee on a case-by case basis.