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Every Master of Public Health (MPH) student is required to develop a portfolio that describes the student’s experiences and accomplishments while at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health (COPH). The portfolio is intended to be relevant to their professional development, and to assess educational outcomes for students in the MPH Program.

What is the purpose of the portfolio?

  • To demonstrate progress toward public health competencies over time.
  • To equip students with products (i.e. résumé, professional mission statement and goals, exceptional work samples) relevant to career development and job searches.
  • To enhance the relationship between student and advisor, by discussing student’s career and educational goals.

What are the required sections for the portfolio?

  1. Title Page
  2. Professional Mission Statement and Goals
  3. Competency Reflection
  4. Work Samples
  5. Résumé

For more information on deadlines, formatting, advisor review and submission of the Student Portfolio, please reference the guide and template found at