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CPH 529 - Capstone Experience:

The Capstone Experience is the culminating experience of the MPH degree and meets requirements of the national accrediting body in public health, the Council on Education for Public Health for an integrative learning experience. The purpose of this 3 credit hour course is to address a topic of public health significance and is evidence that the student can integrate skills and competencies from across the curriculum to conduct public health research and/or practice.  Approval of the final capstone report constitutes an assessment that the student is prepared to enter public health practice.

Students work with a faculty advisor (Capstone Chair) and committee to select foundational and concentration competencies to design a capstone experience appropriate to their educational and professional goals. Capstone planning typically begins halfway through the program of study as the capstone proposal must be approved prior to registering for CPH 529 Capstone Experience (3 credit hours). Prior to registration, students must receive proposal approval from their capstone committee, as indicated by completion of Appendix A from the Capstone Experience handbook. Requirements for completion of the capstone experience include: (1) a formal written proposal, (2) a written report, and (3) an oral presentation and defense of the completed project.  Students complete the written report and presentation as part of CPH 529 Capstone Experience for MPH Students in the final term of enrollment.