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The College of Public Health includes two categories of students: professional (Master of Public Health and Certificate programs) and graduate (MS and PhD programs). The College administers the professional programs, and the Graduate College administers the graduate programs. Many of the policies are similar, but there are some differences. Each College has official oversight of its particular programs.

College of Public Health (COPH) Education Administration

The College of Public Health has a standing Curriculum Committee composed of faculty representatives from all five departments, two student representatives, and staff (see description in student governance section). A chair is elected by the governing faculty and serves a three-year term. The Committee is responsible for new course review, student requests for exceptions and remediation, new degree or certificate program review, competency review, and other academic matters. Prior to 2009, the MPH Graduate Program Committee carried out those functions. The Student Recruitment and Admissions Committee reviews MPH and Certificate applications and plans recruitment activities.

Graduate Studies (GRAD) Education Administration

The University of Nebraska system has one Graduate College with administrative units located on each of the four campuses (the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney). The Office of Graduate Studies on the UNMC campus oversees graduate education on the campus, with policies and procedures aligned with other units and the Graduate College. Each unit has a Dean for Graduate Studies who, in conjunction with the Executive Graduate Council (system) and the UNMC Graduate Council elected from the UNMC Graduate Faculty, is responsible for Graduate College activities at UNMC. In 2003, the University of Nebraska Board of Regents voted to designate all regular faculty as graduate faculty and disband the former two-tiered application process.

Each graduate program at UNMC has a Graduate Committee of three or more members formally appointed by the Dean for Graduate Studies but selected or elected by the program Graduate Faculty. Each department in the College of Public Health has a Graduate Program Committee.

The COPH Doctoral Committee is an umbrella committee composed of each of the Graduate Program Chairs, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, doctoral students, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and a staff assistant. The COPH Doctoral Programs Committee reviews programs of study, oversees competency reviews, sets internal policies, and handles other matters.

MS and PhD students should reference the UNMC Graduate Bulletin for all academic and administrative policies.