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Admissions Requirements

All applicants to the dual degree programs must apply and be accepted into each program separately. Applicants are evaluated by each degree program in separate admissions processes. The College of Public Health application requirements include the following:

  • Completion of the SOPHAS Express Public Health application and submission of the application fee.
  • Official transcripts reflecting an earned bachelor’s degree, with a 3.0 or higher grade point average for the last 60 undergraduate or the last 18 graduate/post-baccalaureate credit hours completed.
  • Official Graduate Record Examination (GRE)  or PCAT scores taken within the last five years are required of all applicants.
  • Three letters of recommendation from academic or professional references (letters must be on professional/institutional letterhead and signed).
  • A resume reflecting one or more years of work/volunteer history related to health and/or human services.
  • A one-page personal statement.


*All MPH concentrations are eligible for this dual degree program.

The PharmD curriculum consists of didactic courses and pharmacy practice experiences. A total of 156.5 semester credit hours over four years are required for graduation: 109 didactic (includes 10 hours of professional electives) and 47.5 experiential (7.5 introductory pharmacy practice experiences [IPPE] and 40 advanced pharmacy practice experiences [APPE]). The IPPE requirements include Community Pharmacy Clerkship (120  hours [3 credit hours]), Institutional Pharmacy Clerkship (120 hours [3 credit hours]), Drug Information Clerkship (20 hours [0.5 credit hours]), and Patient Care Activities (40 hours [1 credit hour]). The APPE is the required 40 semester hours in length (1600 clock hours) and represent basic level clerkships (Level I) and more advanced clerkship (Level II). A total of 10 four week APPEs are required for the student and is a mixture of required (6 clerkships) and elective (4 clerkships) clerkships.

The MPH curriculum currently consists of 45 semester hours of academic work. Coursework is divided into a core public health curriculum (21 hours), courses in the area of concentration (12 hours), electives (6 hours), and Service-Learning and Capstone Experience (6 hours). All students would pursue one of the available concentrations within the MPH Program.

Students from the two disciplines will be integrated in the MPH courses and projects, and will work as teams in the completion of projects and clinical education. Some of the courses taught in each program will apply as dual credit. It is anticipated that the dual degree program will add about two semesters of course work to the PharmD program length. Students will participate in clinical activities every week while they are completing their MPH coursework. The descriptions of the PharmD courses required for the dual degree (at the end of this proposal) clearly suggest the congruence between the MPH and PharmD curriculum content.