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Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. The tuition rate does not vary with the number of credit hours taken by full-time students. In unusual circumstances, where a student is enrolled for fewer than 12 semester hours, tuition may be charged at an hourly rate.

2017-2018 Tuition and Fees

Application Fees

Resident $45.00
Non-Resident $45.00

Tuition P-1

Resident $11,918.00 per Semester
Non-Resident1 $20,755.00 per Semester

 Tuition P-2, 3, 4

Resident $10,073.00 per Semester
Non-Resident $20,755.00 per Semester

Non-Resident Tuition Scholarships that waive much of the difference between resident and nonresident tuition are available.

University Program Fees

Student Health Insurance (Unless Waived)1 $1,184.66 per Semester
Student Health Program $99.75 per Semester
Center for Healthy Living $62.50 per Semester
Late Registration $10.00 per Semester
Late Fees - Tuition/Fees $100.00 per Semester
COP Program Fee $125.00 per Semester
COP Technology Fee $250.00 per Semester

Health insurance for in-patient services is mandatory for full-time students and will be assessed on your tuition bill unless a waiver form is completed showing a private plan. If you have any questions, please call 402-559-7276.

Course Fees

First Semester, P1, Biology of Disease (PAMM 690) $45.00
Second Semester, P1, Microbiology (PAMM 550) $15.00
Second Semester, P1, Microbiology Lab (CLS 552) $20.00
Second Semester, P1, Immunology (PAMM 509) $15.00
First Semester, P2, Pharmacology (PHAR 680) $30.00
Second Semester, P2, Pharmacology (PHAR 682) $30.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Library Fee $6.25 per credit hour
Transcript $5.00
Student Senate Fee $5.00 per Semester
Locker Rental $5.00 per year
Replacement of Photo-Identification Card $10.00
Pre-Enrollment Deposit $500.00

Financial Aid

The UNMC Office of Financial Aid administers a variety of financial aid programs. The UNMC Financial Aid website,, provides many answers about financing a UNMC education and is referenced in the admissions process for completion of appropriate paperwork. The College of Pharmacy administers a significant number of scholarships which are granted based upon academic performance, leadership, extracurricular involvement and/or a combination of these criteria.

UNO Tuition

Students enrolled full-time in the College of Pharmacy may take elective courses at UNO. Tuition for acceptable courses taken during the regular semesters will be paid by UNMC however fees must be paid by the student. Tuition for courses taken at UNO during the summer sessions, or tuition for activity courses in physical education, or any other courses not acceptable for elective credit in the Pharm.D. program, will be charged to the student.

Tuition Refunds

A student who withdraws from the University during any term is entitled to claim a refund of a portion of tuition paid. The University’s current refund policy for fall and spring semesters is outlined in the UNMC Student Handbook under Tuition Refund Schedule (