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Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. The tuition rate does not vary with the number of credit hours taken. 

2018-2019 Tuition and Fees

Application Fees

Tuition P-1, P-2

Resident $12,299.00 per Semester
Non-Resident1 $15,374.00 per Semester

 Tuition P-3, P-4

Resident $10,395.00 per Semester
Non-Resident $12,994.00 per Semester

University Program Fees

Student Health Insurance (Unless Waived)1 $1,040.00 per Semester
Student Health Program $105.00 per Semester
Center for Healthy Living $60.00per Semester
Late Registration $10.00 per Semester
Late Fees - Tuition/Fees $100.00 per Semester
COP Program Fee $125.00 per Semester
COP Technology Fee $250.00 per Semester

Course Fees

First Semester, P1, Biology of Disease (PAMM 690) $45.00
Second Semester, P1, Microbiology (PAMM 550) $15.00
Second Semester, P1, Microbiology Lab (CLS 552) $20.00
Second Semester, P1, Immunology (PAMM 509) $15.00
First Semester, P2, Pharmacology (PHAR 680) $30.00
Second Semester, P2, Pharmacology (PHAR 682) $30.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Library Fee $6.25 per credit hour
Transcript $5.00
Student Senate Fee $5.00 per Semester
Locker Rental $5.00 per year
Replacement of Photo-Identification Card $10.00
Pre-Enrollment Deposit $500.00

Financial Aid

The UNMC Office of Financial Aid administers a variety of financial aid programs. The UNMC Financial Aid website,, provides many answers about financing a UNMC education and is referenced in the admissions process for completion of appropriate paperwork. The College of Pharmacy administers a significant number of scholarships which are granted based upon academic performance, leadership, extracurricular involvement and/or a combination of these criteria.

Tuition Refunds

A student who withdraws from the University during any term is entitled to claim a refund of a portion of tuition paid. The University’s current refund policy for fall and spring semesters is outlined in the UNMC Student Handbook under Tuition Refund Schedule (