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If you are interested in pursuing a selective that is not offered in this handbook, permission must be granted by Dr. Richard MacDonald, Senior Selective Coordinator. Please discuss your proposal with him. Credit under the number (M-ID-763) will only be given for an experience that is NOT listed in this handbook. To design your own selective, you must receive the approval of Dr. Richard MacDonald prior to registration. : Anesthesiology Individualized Program: Senior Selective Research 763 is an approved elective for all seniors in many departments on campus. Permission must be granted by Dr. Richard MacDonald after your proposal is approved by your selected department. The Senior Selective Research month in Anesthesiology has certain requirements you must fulfill before you can proceed with research in the department. Therefore, your first point of contact for this selective is the clerkship coordinator, Melinda Murdock. She will explain the steps necessary to do a Senior Selective Research month in Anesthesiology. Once you have spoken with her, you will be directed to contact physicians in the department to inquire about working with them on a research project. You will need to begin this process several months in advance of your rotation to make sure you have proper regulatory training and your requirements for human research training have been met (CITI Training, added to IRB applications, etc.). Your training is required before you can help with any research. Failure to fulfill these requirements will result in a mandatory drop of the course in Anesthesiology.

Prerequisite:  ANES is arranged through Melinda Murdock and Dr. Richard MacDonald.

Contact: Melinda Murdock;; 402-559-4175; BTH 2015 (Zip 4455). Dr. Richard MacDonald for approval.

Typically Offered: Varies (July through April) .

Capacity: By Arrangement

Visiting Student Information: This course is NOT available to visiting students.