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Objective: To introduce students to basic mechanisms involved in the mediation of acute and chronic heart failure. Concentration on contractile, electrophysiological and neurohumoral dysfunction. Emphasis will be placed on basic pathophysiological mechanisms. Format: Students will meet once per week for two hours in groups of at least four students. Current literature will be reviewed and discussed. Students will be given a specific problem area to research and present a position paper on. This will be in a pro/con format (e.g., ACE inhibitors vs. digitalis in the treatment of decompensated heart failure; Sympathoexcitation in heart failure is due to arterial baroreceptor inhibition). In addition, a laboratory experience will be provided. This will entail either performing or evaluating an echocardiograph or an evaluation of cardiac catheterization data in animals with experimental heart failure.

Contact: Drs. Irving Zucker, Harold Schultz and Kaushik P. Patel.

Typically Offered: August.

Capacity: 4 minimum required.

Visiting Student Information: This course is NOT available to visiting students.