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Advisory Committee

Dr. Carol Casey (Chair and Program Director), Dr. Alexey Kamenskiy, Dr. Iqbal Ahmad

PhD Curriculum

Students enrolled in the MSIA - Clinically Relevant Basic Research PhD program will engage in and learn processes and methodologies affiliated with basic science studies that have translational relevance to the health of patients. Types of research considered clinically relevant include, but are not limited to the use of animal and cell culture models to examine mechanisms of disease, bio-modeling of disease states by technological approaches, and development of technology to study biological processes and diagnose and treat human diseases and medical conditions.  


The coursework requirements for the MSIA - Clinically Relevant Basic Research PhD program are listed below:

Statistics Requirement (2 courses)
Core Curriculum
Two graduate-level courses in cell biology and/or molecular medicine (selected with input from the Supervisory Committee)
Electives (5 courses)
The student's Supervisory Committee will determine the appropriate elective courses
Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) / Ethics Training
NOTE: all courses except one must be completed prior to taking the comprehensive exam