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Campus Fellowship for Christ
The purpose of the Campus Fellowship for Christ is to bring students, faculty, and staff from all academic disciplines and clinical programs together to share their growth in Jesus Christ. All members of the UNMC community are invited to share in the fellowship at biweekly meetings.

Chinese Scholar and Student Association
The purpose of the Chinese Scholar and Student Association is to provide academic, professional, social and entertainment information and services to its members; to serve as a platform to promote Chinese culture and history, and to facilitate the dialogue within the association, UNMC, and the community.  Open to all UNMC students, faculty and staff.

Global Fellowship Forum
The purpose of this organization is to promote global cultural and education interaction across the UNMC campus community. Guest speakers present cultural education programs that are open to the public. Social activities for international students and other Global Forum members are held on a regular basis.

Graduates and Professionals Representing Achievement Diversity and Service (GRADS)
To provide a supportive network, representative of diverse backgrounds reaching toward achievement, encouraging diversity, and providing services to the UNMC campus and Omaha community.

International Student Association
The International Student Association’s is a campus-wide support network for international students.   The purpose is to secure a significant and meaningful voice for international matters in the students’ respective disciplines and programs, and to facilitate and expand the international activities.  To better help international students and introduce domestic students and staff to international cultures, the ISA has several programs.  These include the Student Ambassador Program, Breaking Barriers Forum and English Club.  The group meets regularly throughout the year, and meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Medical Center Student Senate (MCSS)
The Medical Center Student Senate is the campus-wide student government body for the UNMC. The purpose of the MCSS is to provide student leadership and input on issues related to campus life and student development. MCSS also sponsors philanthropic events and social activities. Senate members serve on a variety of committees and meet regularly with the Chancellor and other UNMC administrators. The President of MCSS is also a non-voting member of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. MCSS business meetings are held on the first Wednesday evening of each month from September through May and are open to all students. Elections for at-large Senate seats and MCSS officers (President and Vice-President) are held each November. The MCSS administrative office is located in the Bennett Hall, Room 6001. Students who have questions about the MCSS should contact David Carver, Ph.D. or Pat Oberlander at 402-559-7276.

Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum
The Midwest Student Biomedical Research Forum (MSBRF) Committee is comprised of three medical and/or graduate students and a faculty representative from the College of Medicine, UNMC. Committee membership is for a three year period with varying responsibilities each year. The purpose of the Forum is to support and nurture student research in the health sciences.

This annual two-day Forum has been held in February since 1970. The event is designed to give students an opportunity to present their original research in either an oral or poster meeting format. Forum participants compete in one of two tracks designed to complement their research fields. Then, on the basis of judging by UNMC and/or Creighton University faculty, cash awards and/or expense-paid trips to national or regional research meetings are given. The Forum also features an outstanding keynote speaker from a particular health science field. Previously, some of those speakers included Dr. Daniel C. Tosteson, Dean of the Harvard Medical School; William Nyhan, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of Pediatrics, University of California School of Medicine at San Diego; Robert P. Gale, M.D., Ph.D., School of Medicine, Los Angeles, California; William E. Beschorner, M.D., Professor, Department of Surgery, UNMC College of Medicine; and Polly Matzinger, Ph.D., Chief, Division of Intramural Research, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland.

Military Medicine Interest Group
To familiarize students with various aspects of medical practice within the uniformed services and to provide information regarding military medicine as a career.  Also, to those who have chosen a career in the military, with the transition from civilian life, and to provide transparency for those considering a military career.

The Otolaryngology and Head/Neck Surgery Interest Group (TOHNSIL)
The purpose of the group is to provide students with the opportunity to explore otolaryngology as a career, and to provide education in some basic concepts of otolaryngology.    Also, to increase medical students’ knowledge of diseases relative to otolaryngology, the examination techniques, and the relationship of head and neck pathology to systemic diseases; to offer opportunities for medical students to become involved in educational opportunities, research, or other scholarly activities of the Dept. of Otolaryngology and Head/Neck Surgery at UNMC.

Pride Alliance
Pride Alliance is a campus wide Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, and Ally (LGBT) education and support group. Pride Alliance focuses on LGBT patient care issues and health disparities and promotes the acceptance of LGBT students, faculty, and staff. The group meets regularly throughout the year, and meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Research Interest Group
To give students the resources to find research opportunities on the UNMC campus thru educational lunch meetings, connections with research departments on campus, and collaboration with other research oriented student organizations.

Saudi Students Club at UNMC
The Saudi Students Club is to serve the UNMC community, to provide professional development of the club members, and to offer a social outlet to all those interested in the Saudi Students Club.  Open to all UNMC students, faculty and staff interested in the Saudi culture.

Student Alliance for Global Health
To promote local awareness of cultural and linguistic health issues, to provide more sensitive health services within Nebraska, to educate and inform students from all UNMC programs about global health issues, to promote and facilitate placement of students on international rotations and exchanges.

Student Association for Rural Health (SARH)
Established in 1979 by UNMC students, SARH’s main purpose is to help maintain an avenue of communication between the Medical Center and greater Nebraska by making students aware of the health care needs of the state and by exposing rural communities to the programs offered by UNMC. Through its New Alliance program, SARH members representing each health care profession visit schools and community organizations in the state. Membership is open to all UNMC students.

UNMC Curling Club
The Curling Club is to promote the sport of Curling among UNMC members and to support Curling teams in local leagues.  Open to all UNMC students, faculty and staff.

UNMC Cycling Club
To promote health and wellness on the UNMC campus through cycling, and to organize and provide events where cyclists can come together as a community.   Also to educate cyclists on how to properly follow traffic laws and regulations while cycling.  Open to all UNMC students, faculty and staff.

UNMC Makers 3D Printing Club
The purpose is to inspire creativity, encourage interdisciplinary collaboration, and equip students to create novel solutions to complex problems pertaining to medical practice and research through the application of 3D printing technologies.   Open to all UNMC students

Whole Medicine: A Holistic Medical Group
This group is open to UNMC students who wish to explore alternative and complementary medical therapies and beliefs.