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Philip D. Covington, Ed.D., Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Chief Student Affairs Officer
Room 2033, Student Life Center
email:   phone: 402-559-4437

The Division of Student Affairs provides a variety of services for both students and academic offices at UNMC. The Division consists of five departments which are listed below. Students who are unable to identify the appropriate office to meet their needs, who have general questions or who have problems/concerns to discuss are invited to contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/Student Affairs.


Kari Wayman - Transcripts, Degree Verify, Licensures
email:   phone: 402-559-2151

Barbara Breazeale - Degree Applications, Commencement, Transfer Credit
email:   phone: 402-559-1946

Monica Padilla- Grades, Registration, Change of Status
email:   phone: 402-559-3475

The Academic Records Office includes the areas of registration and records.  Academic Records creates and maintains the permanent record for each student; processes student registrations, drops/adds, withdrawals and grades; and coordinates graduation activities.

Grades posted to a UNMC student transcript may be changed only upon request of the faculty member who is the instructor of record for the course for which the grade was awarded or by order of the appropriate dean upon action of the academic unit’s evaluation appeals committee. Only the corrected grade will be shown on the transcript.  All dismissals and withdrawals are posted on the transcript along with the date of the action.

UNMC Commencement/Graduation
UNMC awards degrees in May, August and December.  Formal ceremonies are held in May (Kearney, Norfolk, Lincoln, Omaha and Scottsbluff) and December (Omaha).  Further detail and the UNMC Commencement Policies can be found here.

Channing Bunch, MBA, Director
Room 2036, Student Life Center 

The mission of Recruitment & Student Engagement is to recruit and retain a diverse student population for the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Through collaboration, our staff is committed to providing academic, social, financial support programs and services designed to enhance the student educational experience.


  • To recruit a diverse pool of applicants for all UNMC programs which includes students who are, first generation with financial needs, have traditional or nontraditional backgrounds, or demonstrate a sincere interest in working in underserved communities.
  • To provide a wide range of independent initiatives aimed at identifying, motivating, and preparing college and pre-college level students to pursue careers in the health sciences.
  • To initiate and participate in collaborative programs at Nebraska higher education institutions and with professional and community groups to establish pathways for individuals to learn more about UNMC. 
  • To provide a university experience that is student-centered and focused on meeting students’ needs. 

Karen Freeman
Room 2013, Student Life Center

The office of Student Loan Accounting, located in the Student Life Center, provides assistance with servicing needs to all UNMC students receiving campus based loans.  The office works in conjunction with Campus Partners, the campus based loan servicing organization.  Students are encouraged to visit the Campus Partners website,, to manage their campus based loans.  All entrance and exit interviews are processed through this website.  Students with questions regarding their campus based loans may contact Campus Partners at 1-800-334-8609, or visit with the Student Loan Accounting Office.  Office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 – 12:00 on Friday.  Audix phone messaging is available for individuals who are unable to contact the office during normal business hours.

Judith Walker, Director, Graduate and Professional Students
Room 2016, Student Life Center

Patrick Hales - Financial Aid Support Specialist
Karen Freeman - Student Loan/Scholarship Coordinator, Campus Based Loans and Scholarships
Meghan Moore - Financial Aid Counselor, Federal Work Study, Verification, Alternative Loans and Veterans Affairs
Rachael Lane - Financial Aid Counselor

The University of Nebraska Medical Center offers several financial aid opportunities to assist students in the financing of their health professions education. The UNMC Office of Financial Aid administers four basic types of aid; academic scholarship, grants, loans, and student employment.

Governed by the rules and regulations established by the U.S. Department of Education (Title IV) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Title VII) the Office of Financial Aid has adopted a consistent and equitable approach of awarding financial aid. The completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to be eligible for all federal student aid funds (Title IV and Title VII). 

The PRIORITY filing deadline for federal financial aid is April 1. Applications received on or before April 1 will receive priority consideration in the awarding of campus based grants and loans.

Scholarships are awarded by the scholarship committees of each UNMC college:  Allied Health, Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health and Graduate Studies. The Office of Financial Aid does not award scholarships. The timing of scholarship announcements is based on the committee’s selection of recipients. To ensure an equitable distribution of all financial aid, students are notified of their financial aid awards after scholarship selection committees have announced their scholarship recipients.
The UNMC Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to revise a student’s award package based on changes to a student’s enrollment status, outside funding received by a student or changes in funding received at UNMC after the award letter is delivered. Students will be notified in writing of any changes made to their awards.

Questions regarding financial aid may be directed to 402-559-4199, 1-800-626-8431 or An open door policy is maintained in the Office of Financial Aid. Appointments are preferred but are not required.

TITLE IV FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID - The following programs are governed by the U.S. Department of Education rules and regulations. These programs are considered to be campus based programs at UNMC. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronic data must be received in the Office of Financial Aid before April 1 to be considered for these ‘priority funds’.

FEDERAL PERKINS - The Federal Perkins Student Loan Program is a subsidized student loan (interest free) through graduation and a nine month grace period. This loan is provided to undergraduate students who demonstrate unmet need in accordance with federal need analysis measures. The loan may be forgiven if the undergraduate recipient practices their chosen health professional career; details on loan forgiveness are provided on the Perkins promissory note.

FSEOG - Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Available to undergraduate Pell grant recipients only.

FWS - Federal Work Study Program. Student employment on campus at $10/hour during the academic year. All students are encouraged to participate in a UNMC work experience if their time and schedule permit. Sufficient funds are available to fund anyone who wants to work. The Office of Financial Aid prefers to award these funds to students who specifically request the opportunity to work on campus.  

Students are encouraged to contact the Office of Financial Aid for job placement and hire if sincerely interested in working.  These funds are federal student aid and do require the completion of the FAFSA and the student worker must demonstrate financial need.  See policy below.

TITLE VII FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID - The following programs are governed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rules and regulations.   To be considered for HHS funding, the Department of Health and Human Services requires parent financial information on the FAFSA. This regulation cannot be waived for any student regardless of their independent status (married, children, age, graduate professional status). The parent financial information must be verified through the federally required verification process conducted by the UNMC Financial Aid Office. Parent financial information is used in determining Title VII loan eligibility only.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) electronic data must be received in the Office of Financial Aid before April 1 to be considered for these ‘priority funds’.

PCL - Primary Care Loan Program:  Available to senior medical students matching in Primary Care, Family Practice Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics.  Students may borrow this loan to repay medical school Stafford Subsidized/Unsubsidized and Graduate PLUS student loan debt before entering residency. Recipient must agree to practice in an approved primary care health career until the loan is repaid in full. Complete guidelines and promissory note regulations are available upon request. Preference is given to accelerated family practice/primary care students and Nebraska Rural Health loan recipients.  HHS guidance will be furnished upon request.

HPSL - Health Profession Student Loan:  Available to Dentistry and Pharmacy students only.  Awards are contingent on funding availability.  Subsidized (interest free) student loan through graduation and one year after graduation. A 5% interest rate is assessed loan repayment.

NSL - Nursing Student Loan:  A subsidized (interest free) student loan through graduation and one year after graduation. A 5% interest rate is assessed in loan repayment.  Because of very limited funding, this loan is made available to full time undergraduate nursing students only.

Students are encouraged to visit the Financial Aid web site at for additional information regarding the financial aid processes.  Access the Student Website and Financial Aid links to arrive at the aid web site.

Student Loan and Scholarships/Grants
When a student receives student financial aid (federal/state/institutional) funds to attend an institution and subsequently takes a Leave of Absence (LOA), withdraws from the program, is dismissed, or fails to complete the period of enrollment for which the funds were received, federal law requires the institution to make a timely refund of “unearned tuition, fees, and other institutional charges” as assessed by the institution.  The institution must also determine if the student owes a “repayment” of unearned funds that the institution either disbursed to the student directly or credited directly to the student’s account for living expenses. Students are strongly encouraged to visit the Office of Financial Aid before starting any LOA or withdrawal process. Students receiving federal student financial aid are required to visit with the Office of Financial Aid prior to finalizing the LOA or complete withdrawal from semester coursework. 

The Office of Financial Aid will provide you with a complete analysis of your rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the financial aid process when considering a withdrawal or LOA. Completion of refund repayment calculations and completion of the required exit paperwork takes approximately one hour. We request that students make an appointment to discuss and review all of the responsibilities associated with the refund and/or repayment of federal student aid.

Before considering a LOA or withdrawal, students should read the federal policy governing Satisfactory Academic Progress here.

Return of Federal Student Aid Funds
Federal student financial aid is provided to students to fund their direct and indirect costs of education as determined by the institutional cost of education. Failure to complete a required term of enrollment may result in the student’s need to refund or repay federal student financial aid for costs not incurred.  A leave of absence (LOA), taken at any time after the start of a term, is considered a ‘withdrawal of enrollment’ for federal student aid purposes.  

If the withdrawing student received federal student aid, the UNMC Financial Aid Office follows the guidelines provided by the US Department of Education for repaying financial aid. This is a proportional calculation based on time enrolled during the semester, type of aid received, and directs costs (tuition/fees).  Students should also refer to the UNMC Refund Schedule for determination of the amount of tuition owed if they withdraw from enrollment after the first week of classes.

Repayment of Student Financial Aid Funds
In addition to receiving funds for direct costs (tuition and fees), students may also be provided funds for living expenses.  Failure to complete a term of enrollment will result in the “repayment” of funds for periods of non-enrollment. For this policy, financial aid is considered to be used first for payment of tuition, fees, and other payments to the University.  Therefore, all or part of any unearned funds will be used to reimburse financial aid programs.  If a student withdraws from the University for any reason, student financial aid dollars must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid for refund and repayment to the respective federal aid programs. In accordance with federal laws, the following fund priority listing will be used when refunding and repaying funds to Title IV and non-Title IV aid programs for the academic term involved.

Federal Funds will be returned to the various federal aid programs in the following order: 

a.    Title IV Program           
1.    Unsubsidized Federal Stafford Loan   
2.    Subsidized Federal Stafford Loan    
3.    Federal Perkins Student Loan (FPSL)  
4.    Graduate PLUS Loan
5.    Federal Direct PLUS Loan (parent)         
6.    Federal Pell Grant             
7.    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

b.   Non-Title IV Programs
1.   Health Profession Student Loan (HPSL)
2.   Nursing Student Loan
3.   Other Federal Grants (AFHPS/NHSC VA)

Students receiving federal student financial aid are required to contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to finalizing a leave of absence or complete withdrawal.  Any student withdrawing from UNMC, impacted by this policy receives a worksheet detailing the federal calculations for the return of federal student aid.

Veterans Affairs Benefits
To be certified for VA benefits please contact Meghan Moore, Room 2042, Student Life Center, ext. 9-4199, each term.

Financial Aid/Tuition Policies
Please see the UNMC student policy wiki at for the following policies.

Delinquent Tuition and Fees
Delinquent Tuition and Fees Policy
As of January 20th, 2014 the Delinquent Tuition and Fees Policy has been revised.  The revisions included the additional of an appeal option to the policy and clarifications of the procedures.  These changes are effective immediately.

Federal Work Study (FWS) Policy
Insufficient Funds Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Social Security & Medicare Tax Exemption
Tuition Refund Schedule Policy

Joan Hill, M.A., Director
Office Hours 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and 8 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on Friday CST
Room 2014, Student Life Center

Student Accounts is responsible for coordinating the billing and collection of tuition/fee payments, collection of rent payments, collection of all other necessary service charges and deposits, and maintenance of all necessary records.

Tuition is calculated approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the term.  If applicable, financial aid is applied to student accounts ten days prior to the start of the term.  Refunds are generated directly from the Nebraska State Treasurers Office and either mailed to the students billing address or direct deposit to student’s checking account as directed by the student.

Payment in full is required in accordance with the payment Due Date shown on the billing statement. The University of Nebraska Medical Center accepts cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check and Visa/MasterCard.  There is a service fee of 2.75% on all credit card transactions. Checks must be made payable to UNMC for the full amount.  Students may also pay their bills on-line “My Records”, we offer e-check as a free service and again credit card payments will be assessed 2.75% service fee.

Students may not pay on another student’s account via credit card unless both parties are present at the Student Accounts office at the time of the transaction.

If a payment is past the due date shown on the billing statement, there will be a $100 late fee assessed and added to the total bill due.  This includes payments made through the mail that have a postmark later than the due date.  The student’s university file will then be placed on hold.  Students, who are unable to pay by the Due Date through no personal fault, may request a waiver of the late fee from Student Accounts.  

Students are encouraged to present authorizations for billing a third party, e.g., U.S. Government, foreign governments, Vocational Rehabilitation, National Guard, etc., to Student Accounts on or before the first day of class.  Authorizations not received by Student Accounts before the payment Due Date will be considered delinquent. 

If your employer will reimburse you for tuition and fee costs (after grades have been issued) you MUST meet the regular payment deadlines set by the University or face action in accordance with a delinquent account.  This policy also applies to those who have tuition and/or fees paid by a UNMC department.  

Students who do not meet the deadlines specified above and in the Delinquent Tuition and Fee Policy (See Student Policy Delinquent Tuition and Fees) are subject to Administrative Withdrawal from UNMC (See Student Policy Administrative Withdrawal Policy).


Student Life Center

Fax: (402) 559-6796


Student Affairs Administration — 402-559-4437, ZIP 4250

Philip D. Covington, Ed.D.
Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Chief Student Affairs Officer

      SLC, Room 2033.................................................... 402-559-4437

Andrew P. Faltin, J.D., M.A.
Administrative Associate II

    SLC, Room 2034......................................................402-559-4437

Paulo Shila, M.B.A.
PeopleSoft Specialist

    SLC, Room 2041......................................................402-559-7266

Financial Aid — 402-559-4199, ZIP 4265

Judi Walker, B.A.
Director, Financial Aid

    SLC, Room 2016..................................................... 402-559-4199

Karen Freeman, B.S.
Student Loan/Scholarship Coordinator

   SLC, Room 2013......................................................402-559-4199

Patrick Hales
Financial Aid Support Specialist

    SLC, Room 2015.....................................................402-559-4199

Meghan Moore
Financial Aid Counselor

    SLC, Room 2017.....................................................402-559-4199

Rachael Lane
Financial Aid Counselor

    SLC, Room 2012.....................................................402-559-1774

Academic Records — 402-559-2151, ZIP 4230

Barbara Breazeale
Records/Commencement Associate

    SLC, Room 2030.....................................................402-559-1946 

Monica Myers
Academic Records Assistant
    SLC, Room 2040.....................................................402-559-3475

Kari Wayman
Student Transcript Clerk
    SLC, Room 2032......................................................402-559-2151

Recruitment and Student Engagement — 402-559-3928, ZIP 4275  

Channing Bunch, M.B.A.
Director, Recruitment and Student Engagement

    SLC, Room 2036.....................................................402-559-3928
Sherman Petite, M.S.
Graduate Recruiter/Retention Specialist

    SLC, Room 2037.....................................................402-559-4196

Student Accounts — 402-559-8086, ZIP 4245

Joan Hill, M.A.
Director, Student Accounts

    SLC, Room 2014 .....................................................402-559-8086

Sara Jones
Student Accounts

    SLC, Room 2018.....................................................402-559-8086

Changes and updates should be submitted to Andrew Faltin at