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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are set by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents and may be changed at any time. The following quotations are for academic year 2018-2019 and are offered as guidelines only.1

Dental Hygiene - Resident $237.41 per credit hour
Dental Hygiene - Nonresident $747.55 per credit hour
Dental Hygiene (Class of 2019) Instruments 3 1,030.00/semester
Dental Hygiene (Class of 2018) - Books & Instruments $1,900.00/semester
Technology Fee $103.00
Equipment Replacement Fee $307.50/semester
Library Fee2 $6.25/credit hour
Dental Hygiene - Student Fees $611.00/semester; $234.00/summer1
Background Check Fee (only at matriculation) $50.00
Student Health Insurance $842.35 1st semester; $1,179.29 2nd semester

See the Scholarships and Financial Aid section for applicable information about scholarships, financial aid, and establishing residency for tuition purposes.

Dental Hygiene Student Book, Equipment & Instrument Policy

Class of 2018 and Subsequent Years

Books & Instruments

All dental hygiene books are purchased by the student. Beginning with Fall 2017, the College will no longer issue books to entering students. Students will be responsible for obtaining assigned books. This policy will continue annually until no books will be issued by the College. 

Some equipment and dental instruments are leased to and checked out to students for specific purposes and are to be returned in satisfactory condition. Students are responsible for the cost of lost equipment; this includes all items issued for clinic, laboratories, or classrooms.

Instruments are owned by the dental hygiene students. They receive their entire instrument issue the first semester, junior year. The cost for instruments is assessed over four semesters and may vary from junior year to senior year.

Students pay a service fee which provides for a limited amount of printed, photocopied or electronic course materials, basic and pre-clinical laboratory supplies, use and laundering of COD clinic gowns, pre-clinical and clinical dispensing services and other items or services necessary for student participation in the academic programs at the College.

Withdrawal of Students

If a student leaves the program before graduation, all issued equipment and instruments must be returned before the College will authorize any appropriate refunds of University tuition and general fees; release of transcripts and letters of recommendation or any other information as determined by the College.

University Housing

The Board of Regents determines the rates for room and board in the student residence halls. University housing is only available to Lincoln campus students. Current information is available from the Division of University Housing, 1115 N. 16th Street, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Box 880622, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0622, (402) 472-3561.